How to Remove Tangles and Matted Hair from Your Dog’s Coat

One of the biggest problems facing dog owners today is the upkeep and grooming side of pet care. Specifically, more and more dog owners are having problems with keeping their dog’s coat unmated and untangled. Tangles and matted hair are nothing new for dogs, but folks are just starting to learn how to deal with them. If left unattended, these can lead to some serious health issues for dogs. What exactly is the best way to get rid of matted hair and that tangled mess? In this article, I will address that issue.

The best way to go about stopping matted hair in dogs is to keep on top of things and make sure to have a good routine for grooming the hair. If you leave the matted hair unattended, it can turn to serious skin problems such as an ulcer or even worse. These things cause unnecessary pain to your animal and can be potentially fatal in some circumstances. At the least, you will have to sheer your dog completely and let it re-grow the hair. If you want to avoid this, you must stay on top of things.

If your dog happens to get these tangled masses of hair, then you have some options. The easiest thing to do is to get a wide-toothed comb and go to work. Start with small amounts of hair and brush the hair out. This is a good way to fight the small problems before they become big ones.

Brush your dog's coat regularly.

When you get the big problems with lots of tangled hair, a comb probably is not going to cut it. You could sit there and slowly untangle every single patch of hair, but I doubt that you have an extra twelve hours on your hands. In this case, look to a wonder product designed specifically for this plight. Luckily, there are detanglers that will do the trick. This generally comes in a bottle and will look a little bit like shampoo. If you bathe your animal in the detangler, then you will cure the tangled hair pretty easily.

Sometimes, matted hair can be caused by a foreign object that has become tangled in the hair. Things like sticks and twigs are the most common cause of this problem. In this case, simply remove the object, but be careful not to hurt your dog. Using scissors to cut the object from the hair is always a good idea. When these things are removed, the matted area will generally go away.

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