Floor Plans for Your Home: What is Best for You?

When purchasing or renting a new home really assessing the floor plans to make sure it will fit your needs and make you happy in the long run is very important. But what exactly do you need to look for? The following are some tips on what you should look for when you are wandering from home to home trying to decide which one will fit you.

The first to thing to think about when looking at floor plans is your family size and ages. If you have young children you usually want to find a home with the master bedroom is close to other bedrooms so that you can listen to your kids. So you either will want all the bedrooms on a second floor or a ranch style home with the bedrooms on one side of the house.

Another thing to keep in mind when you are looking at floor plans is whether you entertain. If you do like to have small or large parties or get togethers, your floor plan can make them a fun exciting affair or cramped and miserable. Not only do you want to make sure your living room or game room is large but it makes parties more open if the kitchen flows into the area where your friends and family is gathered. Having a closed off kitchen is more formal and less open. Also another great option is to see if the kitchen and living room open to a deck or to the outside where you might BBQ. Nothing can make you more exhausted than having to run to the kitchen, to the grill, and then to socialize with your friends. Why not have it all centrally located?

Also it is key to really understand who you are when looking into a floor plan you’ll want the best drafting service. Are you more elegant and formal, or are you casual and easy, are you a book worm, or maybe a TV junky. If you are more formal you will want to have a floor plan that has more defined space, and a specific dining room not just a large kitchen. If you are more easy going a more open space with less walls that can make your home choppy is the way you will need to go. It makes it so the family can always find a place to hang out and keeps everything airy. If you’re a book worm like me you will likely want a room to make into a library or a study, if you are a TV junky you will want to make sure your living room or den has all the amenities.

Another thing to keep in mind is who visits your home who will be living in your home. Will you be taking care of an elderly family member? Do you have daredevil children? Ranch floor plans allow for more elderly or disable family and friends to visit and stay. Also if your are planning on having in-law staying maybe two master bedrooms would be wise so that they have their own space and don’t have to invade yours all the time.

Lastly remember the kitchen can be the heart of the home, which means you really need to put some thought into how it is laid out for your family. If you have a large family obviously a large kitchen is good but also does it open up to a dining room is it all one piece? Also where is the kitchen located next to the bedrooms, or a garage? The kitchen can sometime be located in the back of a home, which for people who do not like to cook works great, however if you spend most of your time in the kitchen munching with your friends make sure the kitchen is centrally located and open.

There are many sites you can find floor plans for free that can help you find the one that fits your best.




These three sites are just a few of the ones on the web that have floor plan ideas and also ways to create your own! Just make sure when looking at the floor plans you really have looked at your family and your place in life so you know what you really need.