Does An Electric Skateboard Take the Fun out Of Skateboarding

SkateboardingElectric skateboards are powered by electricity and, unlike the traditional skate boards, they are able to brake and accelerate just by pushing buttons on a hand held remote. While they are motorized, electric skateboards require the same skill as traditional skate boards with the only difference being you do not need to propel yourself forwards. The motor does all the pushing for you. As a result, skateboarding has become much more popular to the extent that local streets are full of kids having so much fun. So, does an electric skateboard take the fun out of skateboarding? Well, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of electric skateboards.


Easy to master

If you are new to skateboards, your task is as hard as scratching off an itch. Mastering the art of steering an electric skateboard has been made easy for you. Here is why. Some electric skateboards have three operating modes: learner, standard and expert mode so, you can choose your preferred mode based on experience. Learner mode is best suited for new learners because it offers minimal acceleration and power which allows you to develop your handling confidence gradually. Also, you do not really need someone else to show you the ropes, unlike regular skateboards.

Handheld control

SkateboardingWith the best electric skateboards all the control is done using a handheld thumbwheel. It works like a remote allowing you to regulate speed just by the touch of a button. For new learners, that means less time propelling the skateboard and more time focusing on the road ahead.

Regenerative power

Since electric skateboards run on electricity, you need to charge the battery once it runs out. For the battery to last longer, some manufacturers wired the skateboard to recharge its battery each time you apply the brakes. This system allows you to have fun and the battery to last longer.



Unlike traditional skateboards, electric skateboards weigh much more. The additional weight is due to inbuilt brakes, motor and the battery. So if you want to try stunts, factor in the additional weight, otherwise, it is practically impossible.

Load capacity

SkateboardingThe load capacity of an electric skateboard is dependent on charge, speed and power rating. Although anyone can ride an electric skateboard, lighter people have much more advantage. If you are heavier, the skateboard will only work for a short distance and stall. More weight drains the battery much faster. That means less time having fun, and more time charging the skateboard. Also, chances are that the skateboard will break apart faster because it is not strong enough under to be used in rough conditions or too much weight.

Final word

Electric skateboards offer a new way to have fun and get around, although they require you to put in a little more effort compared to a Segway or hoover board. The important thing to remember is that you have to be orderly. Electric skateboards are suited for sporty people who like achieving top speeds and, therefore, a better alternative to traditional skateboards. They spice up your adventure and bring in more fun to your skateboarding!