Benefits of Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

For a select number of people, cycling offers a way to spice up their leisure time with fun and adventure, and sometimes it is a sporting activity. A good thing about cycling as a sporting activity is that it does not demand too much: you only need a good helmet, a well maintained bicycle, and most important of all, good cycling shoes. Like height, shoe size differs and there are some cyclist who need special shoes because of wide feet. If you have wide feet, you know very well how difficult it can be to find fitting shoes. Nevertheless, it is important to go the extra mile and find shoes that fit your feet. Read on to find out the benefits of cycling shoes for those with wide feet.

Good fit

When you put on wide shoes for the first time, they feel as though they need you to do some adjustments so that they fit well. Also, the soles seem a little too stiff for your liking. Here is the best part about wearing wide cycling shoes: their design allows you to focus your energy on the cycling, and while you are at it, their wide sole means your footing on the pedal is stable.

Good muscle power distribution

Unlike when you wear snuggly shoes that leave with you a lot of discomfort, wide shoes provide you with the desired cycling magic to spice up your cycling experience. Wide shoes allow your feet to distribute muscle power from the legs to your bicycle’s cranks and drive train. So why is that a good thing? Well, it means you can cycle comfortably for a long distance without exposing yourself to a hamstring injury or muscle rupture.

Good ventilation

If you have worn snuggly cycling shoes, then you know that after a few hours of cycling your feet begin to feel very hot. Unfortunately, the vents designed into your shoes won’t work because your feet fill up all the space. Also, on hot days, however much you shift your feet inside your shoes, nothing seems to stop the “flaming effect” that makes your feet feel like they are on fire. Wearing wide shoes means that there is room in there to allow for circulation of air. Essentially, you have comfort because you do not have to keep shifting your foot to find the comfort point and your legs are protected from unnecessary fatigue.

No friction blistering

Let’s face it, cycling involves a lot of repetitive pressure, friction and rubbing on your foot. It usually starts with a small redness on the skin which grows into a sac full of fluid as you continue to cycle. If you wear shoes that do not fit properly, blistering will come in the way of your cycling especially If you squeeze wide feet into snuggly cycling shoes. However, with wide shoes for your wide feet, you will have little to no blistering at all.

Final word

Cycling, whether as a sport or for leisure, adds adventure and fun to your life. If you want to have a great experience, find the right cycling shoes. For those with wide feet, comfort is essential and it is important to find cycling shoes that fit wide feet. There are many designs in the market, just find one that works for you and cycle away!